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Tibetan Herbal Foot Soaks

The herbs in this formula act synergistically to improve blood circulation. The actions and temperature of the herbs will help the heart to pump faster — similar to going for a walk or exercising. This increase in circulation will help bring fresh blood to injured areas. Fresh blood brings oxygen and nutrients to improve the healing process. 
The foot soaks also help improve immune system function, enhance metabolism and improve endocrine function. 


Common Conditions Treated 
     *Peripheral Neuropathy 
     *Diabetic Neuropathy 
     *Plantar Fasciitis 
     *Cold hands and feet 
     *Arthritis pain 
     *Digestive issues 


The soaks are not appropriate for patients with metastatic cancer, patients who are pregnant, or those who have open wounds/sores.



Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9am-12pm


$40.00 per soak.


Buy 10 over time and get the 11th FREE (save $40.00).


Prepay 10 for $350.00 (save $50.00).


Treatment bags also available for purchase.

Bag of 10 for $150.00. Will last approximately 1 month.




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