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Bring balance to your body and spirit

Bring balance to your body and spirit with Chinese herbal medicine at Reed Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine, LLC. Begin treating your ailments with a personalized formula. You can choose from premade manufactured pills, a granular mixture prepared as a delicious tea, or the actual chinese herbs that you brew into a medicinal concoction- the latter two are customized for you. Each type of remedy has it's advantages.


Many people take pills for a variety of conditions: something for their cholesterol, a pill to help them sleep, or an antacid before or after meals. So they are used to taking capsules, pills or tablets. And then there are the numerous teas that people enjoy- teas to help loose weight, teas for sleep, teas for coughs and flu. Chinese herbal medicines are similar to allopathic medicines in that they take in a variety of forms: tea, ticture, syrup, capsule, pill, tablet, patch, salve, ointment, and linament, to name a few.


During your first session your herbalist will probably ask you numerous questions about yourself. These sessions can be with your acupuncture treatment or a seperate session if you do not want acupuncture. She covers health issues as well as seemingly unrelated questions about your lifestyle, emotions, hobblies, likes and dislikes. Your herbalist takes your pulse and looks at your tongue. These key diagnosic tools help her discover which formula will provide you with the most relief. After deciding upon a formula, you get the choice of what form it's going to take, as mentioned above.



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