• Change the energy in your home and body by accessing the arts of feng shui and Acutonics® in Aberdeen, Washington. By discovering the positive and negative energies within your surroundings, you are able to re-harmonize your energy field and live life with a renewed kick in your step. Contact us immediately at 360.589.7148 to restore the balance of your environment


Feng Shui Your Way to Health

Promote the flow of energy in your home with the Chinese art of placement. With our assistance, learn how to place items that you live with in order to better serve your needs. We come to your home to create balance within your space. Our process includes examining your home for areas contributing to a variety of conditions such as ill health, poor relationships or a bad financial situation. So that you may better understand Feng Shui, we provide a recording of our process--once the interview is complete--along with a final written report, within three business days. This service is by appointment only, and it is performed outside of normal business hours.

Tune Your Energy Field

Access your meridian and chakra energy systems with Acutonics®. This non-invasive process involves the use of precision-calibrated tuning forks that are placed on specific acupuncture points to promote the balance of energy within the body


With Acutonics®, you receive a powerful healing process that uses sound vibration to properly restore and readjust your energy field.Clients often feel very relaxed post treatment.